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The Ethics of Climate Change Communication

There are many important decisions to be made in how we communication about climate change. What is unhelpful with appealing to a scientific consensus as a way to persuade others to hold your views on climate change? How should we argue with others on this heated topic? Watch the video below to see how Dr. Jean Goodwin (North Carolina State University) addressed these pressing issues in her Media Ethics Initiative talk.


The Dark Side of Social Media

Did you miss the exciting Media Ethics Initiative panel discussion on the issues raised by our social media technologies and practices? Watch the video to see what the editor and contributors to the new book, The Dark Side of Social Media, have to say about pressing ethical issues online.


New Media, Education, and Democracy

Watch Dr. Gregory Pappas (Texas A&M) discuss the implications and meaning of new media technology on education and democracy.

Moral Psychology on Why We Love Stories

Did you miss the last Media Ethics Initiative talk on stories and moral psychology? Catch up now by watching Dr. Robert Lewis (UT Austin) explore the relationship between the psychology of moral reasoning and our love of mediated stories.


Anthems and Activism in the NFL

Mediating the Politics of the NFL

Did you miss the exciting Media Ethics Initiative research talk on the controversial NFL national anthem protests? Or did you try to catch the talk, but couldn’t find a free seat in the packed room? Or perhaps you want to relive the excitement once more? Now you can watch Dr. Michael Butterworth (UT Austin) discuss the ethical issues in the recent NFL anthem protests and the media coverage they evoked on our Youtube channel.

The Ethics of Green Advertising

The Promises and Pitfalls of Green Consumption

Did you miss the first Media Ethics Initiative research presentation of Fall 2017? Watch Dr. Lucy Atkinson (UT Austin) talk about the promises and pitfalls of green consumption on Youtube!

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