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Media Ethics Initiative Citizen Scholars (Spring 2018)



James Jackson Hayden is a third year student at the University of Texas at Austin majoring in Communication Studies and Government. He plans to attend law school after completing his undergraduate studies. Jackson is the president of his fraternity and conducts marketing operations for an Austin startup called Loftsmart. As a Media Ethics Initiative Citizen Scholar, he would like to examine the ever-changing technological aspects of communication ethics and how they might apply to the legal field. Of particular interest for Jackson are the challenges posed by anonymity and online speech for media ethics research.



headshot-e1518298105242.jpgJason Head is currently a senior in the Department of Radio-Television-Film in the Moody College of Communication. His interest in media ethics stems from the growing importance of an information technologies and the power of media producers to have an impact on the expression and dissemination of ideas. As a Media Ethics Initiative Citizen Scholar, he hopes to take a closer look at the ethical dilemmas that surround media production in order to build a stronger background for his own work as a content creator. He is also interested in exploring different critical lenses for thinking about the effects of new and old media.



AD0D043C-D04D-469E-B635-E6F9A564A5BE - CopyAnna Rose Isbell is sophomore Communication Studies major in UT Austin’s Moody College of Communication. In addition to her studies in communication, she is pursuing a certificate in UT Austin’s Bridging Disciplines Program in “Ethics and Leadership in Law, Politics, and Government.” She is excited to learn more about how these topics are intertwined with media ethics over the coming semester. Anna Rose plans to attend law school after completing her studies at UT Austin, and she is excited about writing case studies as a Media Ethics Initiative Citizen Scholar because it will further develop her analytical and writing skills.


headshotMorgan Malouf is a senior at the University of Texas at Austin majoring in Rhetoric and Writing, along with a minor in Communication Studies. Morgan is very interested in media ethics because she intends to pursue a law degree after her studies conclude at UT Austin. She finds reading about difficult ethical issues in media practices and writing case studies to be challenging but fun, and she’s excited to learn more about modern communication technologies before she starts law school. Morgan hopes to use the Media Ethics Initiative Citizen Scholar internship as a way to learn more about the ethical issues in communication and to hear from researchers about the contemporary challenges of media use.


baileyBailey Sebastian is a third year Human Development & Family Sciences and Philosophy double-major with a minor in Communication Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. Bailey has always enjoyed discussing ethical issues so the Media Ethics Initiative Citizen Scholar internship really appealed to her when she was selecting courses for the spring semester. She looks forward to writing case studies on overlooked topics and technological challenges in media and communication ethics during her internship.




Sabrina Stoffels is a senior Human Relations major and Spanish minor at the University of Texas at Austin. She became particularly interested in media ethics after taking Dr. Scott Stroud’s Communication Ethics course. Sabrina looks forward to the opportunity provided by the Citizen Scholar internship to conduct research and write case studies on important topics in media ethics. When she’s not studying, Sabrina serves as the Social Media Publicity Officer for “Campus Events + Entertainment” and is working toward her certification as a conflict mediator. She also enjoys going to theater, dance, and comedy performances around Austin.



Haley Turner is a Psychology major with a minor in Communication Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. After taking the CMS 322E: Communication Ethics course at UT Austin, she found the topic of media ethics to be very compelling. Haley has always been interested in hearing all the different viewpoints and approaches that can be taken concerning ethical situations, so she is excited to explore more of these types of issues in media use during her Citizen Scholar internship with the Media Ethics Initiative. She hopes to use this internship to challenge herself to learn more about this important subfield of ethics, and she’s excited to get a better insight on the sort of research that goes on in universities and graduate programs concerning communication and ethics.

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