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Journalism Ethics Case Studies

The Ethics of Anonymous Criticism in Political Journalism: The New York Times and the Unknown Trump Official [PDF]

Pandemic Prime Time for the Cuomo Brothers: Ethics, Objectivity, and Relationships in Journalism [PDF]

How Vigilant Should Cable News Be About Political Messages? CNN’s Rejection of Trump’s Political Advertisements [PDF]

Can Artificial Intelligence Reprogram the Newsroom? Trust, Transparency, and Ethics in Automated Journalism [PDF]

Images of Death in the Media: Journalism and the Ethics of Using the Dead [PDF]

Blurring the Line Between Reporting the Truth and Minimizing Harm: The Ethics of Showing the Faces of Protesters in News Coverage [PDF]

Picturing Justice for Kalief Browder: Documentary Film and the Ethics of Media Advocacy [PDF]

Objectivity in Journalism: Is Objectivity in Journalism an Ethical Requirement or Impediment? [PDF]

Censorship in Pakistan: Are Journalists Obligated to Speak Up? [PDF]

Swipe Right to Expose: Journalism, Privacy, and Digital Information [PDF]

Beer Cans and Cancel Culture: The Ethics of the Carson King Case [PDF]

Doxing and Digital Journalism: The HuffPost Story on Amy Mekelburg [PDF]

Virtual Reality, Immersive Media, and Journalism: The Ethics of Facebook’s Virtual Trip to Puerto Rico [PDF]

No Comment: Online Comment Sections and Democratic Discourse [PDF]

Sharing the Pain: The Ethics of Social Media Sharing in Times of Tragedy [PDF]

Does the Photo Fit the News? The Ethics of Powerful Images in the Immigration Debate [PDF]

Kony 2012: Social Media Activism or Mere Slacktivism? [PDF]

Matters of Facebook Live or Death: The Ethical Challenges of Live Internet Broadcasting [PDF]

And Nothing But the Truth: Accuracy and Effects in Reporting on War-Torn Congo [PDF]

Collateral Damage to the Truth: Reporting Casualties in Drone Strikes [PDF]

Covering Female Athletes: Sexualized Portrayals of Female Athletes in Sports Journalism [PDF]

The Wild West of Sports Journalism? The Ethics of Sports Blogging [PDF]

Entertaining Endorsements in Sports Journalism: The Ethics of Product Sponsorship in Sports Media [PDF]

More cases coming soon!

Case studies produced by the Media Ethics Initiative remain the intellectual property of the Media Ethics Initiative and the University of Texas at Austin. They can be used in unmodified PDF form without permission for classroom use. For use in publications such as textbooks and other works, please contact the Media Ethics Initiative.

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