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Past Events

Fall 2017

Can We Shop Our Way to a Better Planet? The Promises and Pitfalls of Green Consumption

Dr. Lucy Atkinson, University of Texas at Austin, September 21, 11AM-12PM, CMA 5.136 [Video]

Anthems and Activism: Mediating the Politics of the NFL

Dr. Michael L. Butterworth, University of Texas at Austin, October 11, 1-2PM, CMA 5.136 [Video]

Media Psychology’s Explanation for Why You love Stories: A Morally Ambiguous Resolution

Dr. Robert Lewis, University of Texas at Austin, October 19, 11:30AM-12:30PM, CMA 5.136 [Video]

Are New Media Technologies Good for Education and Democracy?

Dr. Gregory Pappas, Texas A&M University, October 26, 12:30PM-2PM, CMA 5.136 [Video]

The Dark Side of Social Media: A Panel Discussion

Dr. Angeline Close Scheinbaum, Allye Doorey, Dr. Gary Wilcox, Dr. Scott R. Stroud, Jonathan Henson, University of Texas at Austin, November 6, 1-2PM, BMC 5.208 [Video]

Ethics and the Appeal to Scientific Consensus in the Climate Change Debates

Dr. Jean Goodwin, North Carolina State University, November 14, 2PM-3:30PM, BMC 5.208 [Video]

Spring 2017

Who Speaks for Ambedkar? The Debate over Navayana’s Edition of Annihilation of Caste and the Buddhist Teaching of Right Speech

Dr. Christopher Queen, Harvard University, January 24, 2017. 1-2:30PM, BMC 5.208

American Journalism’s Ideology: The Question of Bias in the Media

Dr. Robert Jensen, University of Texas at Austin, January 31, 2017, 2-3PM, CMA 5.136

We’re All Gatekeepers Now: Journalism Ethics for an Unfiltered Age

Dr. Mary Bock, University of Texas at Austin, February 16, 2017, 3:30-4:30PM, CMA 5.136

Ethical Issues in the Fight Against Revenge Porn

Dr. Scott R. Stroud, University of Texas at Austin, March 21, 2017, 3-4PM, CMA 5.136

Cosmopolitan Media Ethics and the Global Imaginary

Dr. Clifford Christians, University of Illinois, April 4, 2017, 3:00-4:30PM, CMA 5.136

Moral Psychology and Media Practice: Keys to Ethical Behavior in News, Public Relations, & Advertising

Dr. Patrick Lee Plaisance, Colorado State University, April 10, 2017, 1:30-3:00PM, CMA 5.136

Rhetorics of the Good Life: Social Ontology, Ethics, and Communication

Dr. Omedi Ochieng, Denison University, May 3, 2017, 3-4:30PM, CMA 5.136

Fall 2016

Habitus, Doxa, and Ethics: Insights from Advertising in Emerging Markets in the Middle East and North Africa

Dr. Minette E. Drumwright, University of Texas at Austin, October 13, 2016, BMC 5.102

Trump, Clinton, and the Rhetorical Construction of Democracy in Campaign 2016

Dr. Martin J. Medhurst, Baylor University, November 2, 2016, CMA 5.136



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