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Fall 2018

Feeling Rules, Media Ethics, and the Moral Foundation Dictionary

Dr. Sven Joeckel (University of Erfurt, Germany) & Dr. Leyla Dogruel (Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany), September 19 (Wednesday), 2-3:30PM, CMA 5.136

BYOD! Should We Really Ask New College Grads and Employees to Bring their Own Devices to Work?

Dr. Keri K. Stephens (University of Texas at Austin), September 25 (Tuesday), 3:30-4:30PM, BMC 5.208

Is Incivility Ever Ethical?

Dr. Gina Masullo Chen (University of Texas at Austin), October 16 (Tuesday), 3:30-4:30PM, BMC 5.208

Ethics in Public Relations

Kathleen Lucente (Red Fan Communications), October 30 (Tuesday), 2:00-3:00PM, BMC 5.208

Journalism Ethics amid Irrational Publics: Disrupt and Redesign

Stephen J. A. Ward (University of British Columbia), November 5 (Monday), 3:00-4:30PM, BMC 5.208


Past Events

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